How are businesses working with Spherity?
Value-driven solutions for new ways of working


With a consortium of pharma brands, enterprise wallet providers and other developers, Spherity is building a blockchain-enabled third-party risk management system that will work better for both global brands and their suppliers. Besides cost reductions, faster lead times in the onboarding of suppliers, and new ways of collaborating, powerful data exchanges are also possible within and between supply chains. Blockchain-powered TPRM enables brands to increase transparency in multi-tier sourcing networks, reduce compliance costs, speed up onboarding, and improve the security as well as integrity of sensitive data. On the other side of the blockchain empowered TPRM process, suppliers can benefit from self-sovereign control over their credentials and streamline audits as well as reduce their own onboarding costs.


For the Mobility Blockchain Platform, Spherity contributed an Open Source Identity Wallet SDK for humans. This enables mobility service providers to integrate DID and Verifiable Credential management, KYC processes, and payment functions into their existing applications.
In collaboration with Daimler and other businesses building services and offerings in this sector, Spherity is contributing to the Mobility Blockchain Platform to facilitate an open ecosystem for the future of mobility. Platform capabilities enable mobility service providers to expand their service offerings. By using this infrastructure, seamless multimodal transportation and other innovative service offerings can be realized.
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