Our architecture
Secure cloud-edge identity wallets for seamless integration into your business processes
The Spherity architecture provides software and SaaS solutions that can be integrated with existing legacy infrastructures and systems.
Our primary focus is to support enterprise use cases such as identity for legal entities, employees, documents, business transactions, manufactured objects, machines and algorithms as well as audit trails and verifiable value chains.
Our architecture integrates:
    web-based fron-ends for user interactions and identity wallet consoles
    identity wallet code logic (W3C DID, VC, Verifiable Presentations, inter-wallet communication)
    credential and configuration storage
    secure key management
    blockchain integration and a DID resolver
While W3C DIDs and VCs establish the ground work for interoperability which is already well defined, interactive protocols for transactions among wallet agents are still being standardized (e.g. the data flows by which agents request credential offers, request credentials, issue or share credentials, store credentials, and verify credentials across platforms).
This standardization has started and first recommendations are available, but going from practice to standards is still an objective for the decentralized identity ecosystem and its standards bodies. Spherity is working with the DID/VC community to shape these standards, while also providing first-mover implementations of these recommendations today.
This architecture enables value chain actors to establish trust among B2B ecosystem actors, customers, and governance bodies by leveraging their identity wallets.
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