Identity and Digital Twins as Trust Layer for the 4th Industrial Revolution
Spherity is providing a decentralized identity management solution to power the 4th Industrial Revolution. Based on secure, verifiable, and decentralized digital identities or Digital Twins, we are enabling new forms of secure interoperability in value chains.
By connecting our decentralized identity management solutions to siloed (legacy) systems, our customers can realize trustworthy, verifiable, and auditable business transactions on decentralized networks or blockchains. Cloud wallets, which can be provided for humans, enterprises, algorithms, and IoT devices are blockchain agnostic , scalable, and easy to integrate into existing systems.
Our domain focus is primarily on technical industries like mobility, supply chain, and pharmaceutical.
Our mission is to help our customers prepare for a new digital revolution, often referred to as the 4th Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0. Our technology will enable new kinds of business opportunities and realize process innovations that have not been possible until now.
To ensure interoperability, we build on World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards and collaborate closely with the Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF) community.

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