API first strategy

Establishing trust among ecosystem partners with easy to integrate and secure APIs

Through the use of a suite of APIs, our solutions can be rapidly deployed and integrated with existing infrastructures and third-party systems. Our blockchain and platform agnostic solutions allow our clients to integrate Spherity in a way that minimizes risk and impact on legacy systems and business practices.

Among the technical capabilities we provide via our APIs are the capabilities to request, issue, and verify credentials for establishing credential-based trust and audit trails.

‌We are designing our APIs according to the following design objectives:

Cyber-physical security

Delivering end-to-end security for our identity-wallet solution and its APIs is our utmost priority. We are implementing well-tested authentication, API, secure key management, and back-end security solutions. We offer a variety of key-management system options including secure secret-stores, cloud HMS and multi-party computation.


Our solution and our APIs are designed to meet scalability requirements with regards to data size and throughput of off-chain credential processing. We are building our modular solution on quickly scalable cloud technology, including dockerized containers and server-less functions.


‌We have built our own solutions in strict and deliberate compliance with W3C standards for DIDs and Verifiable Credentials, and work hand-in-glove with projects like Hyperledger Aries to make our APIs future-proof and accessible across blockchains, platforms, and industries.

These APIs will allow users to establish trust with any unknown value-chain actor that is using these open standards and to unlock the massive cooperative scale effects for their business in any industry.

Ease of integration for enterprise use cases

Our API development work is built upon three focus areas:

  1. Easy-to-implement integration of existing legacy systems, customizable in accordance with your business-process needs

  2. Easy integration with machine-learning algorithms

  3. Cross-wallet interoperability to enable communication and transaction with machines and enterprises using other SSI platforms in your ecosystem

Access to our APIs

We will soon launch open access to our system and APIs via api.spherity.com.