Our solutions

Digital Twin platform services

Our solutions are designed to link your products and services to an emerging worldwide digital identity infrastructure, reducing trust and risk, and improving the security of how you transact in a dynamic digital world.

Decentralized Identity Management

Our solutions are designed to create trusted connections between humans, machines, and other non-human entities. This plugs your services or products, and even your autonomous algorithms, to as many or as few stakeholders as you want via decentralized data exchange infrastructure.

Our API strategy ensures businesses can integrate with us quickly and smoothly, without any service disruption or having to deal with the complexities inherent in more traditional identity management solutions.

Identity Wallets

Our identity wallets allows you to create and manage decentralized, digital identities. The cloud-based identity wallets can be integrated into existing legacy systems easily at enterprise scale. For interactions between systems or machines, we also offer a lightweight wallet for individual humans, so that personal operations and identity transactions can be self-managed from a smart phone.

Every identity created with our APIs is persistent, unique, verifiable, addressable and under full control of the identity holder. The identities and their data are portable to other systems over time, due to the strict interoperability built into the underlying protocol, which is strictly compliant with the W3C standards for Decentralized Identifiers and Verifiable Credentials

Reusable, self-controlled, and privacy-preserving "verifiable credentials" contain valuable information, and are stored in the same identity wallets (individual and/or enterprise) that control their identities. Verifiable credentials can be issued either by the identity holder as a self-issued claim, or issued by trusted third parties. For example, verifiable credentials, individually or bundled into "verifiable presentations," can be used to establish attribute-based access control by defining attribute credentials that encode employee role assignments or access policies.

Spherity offers various options for key management. Depending on customer requirements and policies, they can choose from storage in software (sharding, encrypting, Shamir secret sharing), hardware devices (HSM, secure elements) or Multi-Party Computation, wherein unitary keys are never stored at one place but must be combined in real-time to function.


Enable Trust for business transactions

Based on our identity wallets, parties that have never met before on the internet can request and verify each other's credentials in an automated, machine-ready way. Their objective is to establish trust in order to exchange high-value information and exercise business transactions.

Auditable consent trails for business agreements

Our solution provides easy-to-use mechanisms to sign and counter-sign documents such as user consent forms or business transaction contracts. By providing digital identities to documents or data, our solution delivers a powerful signing functionality.

Data provenance for digital value chains

When a DID is extended to a machine—a way to connect its data to a data chain—the provenance chain of the data flow can provide the basis for verifiable claims and attestations, as well as providing raw material for reputation mechanisms. These novel verifiable data chains and reputation mechanisms provide a means to assess the trustworthiness, reliability, or risk metrics of any given output of a data chain.

Enterprise usage

Enterprises can take advantage of our technology starting from Proofs-of-Concept and lab experiments, to large-scale field tests and production environments.

Our Testbed and APIs can be fit in easily with your digital innovation projects to provide evidence of the maturity of this technology and its utility for your business case.

For a productive environment, our customers can either use our solution on a Software-as-a-Service license or deploy a docker on their own dedicated infrastructure.