Use Cases

Practical cross-sector applications for decentralized identity management solutions

Decentralized identity management solutions have practical cross-sector applications, capable of matching the requirements of highly regulated services: governmental, pharmaceutical, energy, and finance, as well as the needs of less regulated services such as mobility, eCommerce, and telecommunications.


  • Blockchain-enabled Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) - Our enterprise-level cloud wallet solution is part of a cross-wallet verifiable credential exchange between pharmaceutical companies and their suppliers. Using the Sovrin network as a trust fabric, suppliers have full ownership and control over their compliance and audit data, which are stored as verifiable credentials in their personal and/or enterprise wallets. These credentials can be shared with pharmaceutical companies to guarantee data integrity in their existing TPRM systems.

  • Blockchain-enabled Informed Consent Forms (ICF) - Based on verifiable digital identities of clinical trial participants and doctors, we enable the digitization of the consent process. This enables an auditable digital signature process to settle and verify ICF documentation.

  • Digital Audit trails for Qualified Persons - By assigning a digital twins to batches, we create a mechanism for those batches to use a digital identity that travels with it throughout the production process. Based on digital signatures of every involved person, system, or machine, we create a cryptographically verifiable audit trail of the production process. The Qualified Person can thus run deviation analysis in a release process against a thorough on-demand audit of verifiable data.


  • Mobility Blockchain Platform - In the future, mobility services will have to be integrated and delivered as end-to-end services covering multiple modes of transport, from walking to biking, ride-hailing to public transport, and e-scooters. Spherity is providing its wallet capabilities for humans, enterprises, and vehicles to enable business transactions among platform stakeholders.

  • Digital Blackbox - We are working on the identification of security-critical assets in trains, to build a real-time data logger as a kind of digital blackbox. Based on a consensus protocol and a distributed ledger technology, we enable an immutable and cryptographically-verifiable data chain for routine or forensic data.

  • Data Chain for Dangerous Driving Events - Digital twins of data sources, data sets, and autonomous algorithms combine to enable verifiable audit trails of sensitive output data. We can guarantee data provenance of driving events labeled for risk assessment in autonomous driving systems or for traffic optimization based on live driving data.


  • Blockchain-based Gas transaction system - We have contributed our decentralized identity management solutions to a research consortium, working to simplify gas trading, as part of the clean energy transformation or EnergieWende, through the introduction of kWh coins on a blockchain. This solution creates an incentive mechanism for an efficient and stable system that promotes trust, transparency, security, and integrity.

  • Market Communication - We developed an identity solution to facilitate trusted "market communication" (Marktkommunikation) for energy markets; this solution can be retrofitted to existing processes and X.509 certificates as needed.


  • Load-Carrier settlement - We designed an identity solution to balance the exchange of load carriers across siloed systems of different organizations. Linking different systems to a trust layer enables dynamic connections to more business partners for load trading.

  • Audit trails for shipments - We developed a concept for data provenance for the cardinality of shipment orders in logistics supply chains.

You can read more about the core use cases for our technology in How are businesses working with Spherity?