Understanding the "trust layer"
A deep-dive into the complexities of trust in a decentralized world, why we need it, and how it all works at scale
Since the advent of the Internet, the collection, management, and ownership of digital identities and both personal and machine data has been organized hierarchically into centralized silos, concentrated in the hands of companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Facebook. These tech giants developed login systems, which both simplified and monitored almost all important web traffic in the decades since.
The need for an alternative approach is clear and a solution that solves the key failings in the current ad-hoc scenario is emerging through a new way of thinking about both human and non-human identity, and who controls it.
Spherity is a specialist in and proponent of a new decentralized infrastructure that seeks to redesign identity for higher levels of assurance at the lowest protocol level possible. We believe that commerce can be infinitely easier and more precise when a business knows that the data flowing into and out of its systems is:
    Trustworthy - Because it comes from a known source vouchsafed by on- or off-blockchain protocols,
    Verified - Because the entity that controls that data exercises sophisticated access control and encryption through their unique and privacy-preserving DIDs
    Fully auditable - Because there is an immutable ledger of transactional metadata anchoring all private and contextual data, verifiable to outside parties
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