A decentralized pathway to the future

Proposals for a new decentralized infrastructure

Spherity is a specialist in and proponent of a new decentralized infrastructure that seeks to redesign identity for higher levels of assurance at the lowest protocol level possible. Spherity has engaged with businesses throughout Europe to highlight the enormous business opportunities in connecting siloed data across independently operated IT systems and building trust and ironclad identity into the data transaction stream. We believe that commerce can be infinitely easier and more precise when a business knows that the data flowing into and out of its systems is:

  • Trustworthy - Because it comes from a known source with on- or off-blockchain protocols,

  • Verified - Because the entity that controls that data exercises sophisticated access control encryption through DIDs

  • Fully auditable - Because there is an immutable ledger of transactional metadata anchoring all private and contextual data, verifiable to outside parties

On such a foundation of intrinsic data integrity, businesses have a solid basis from which to process that data and use it in real time to make lightning-fast decisions without recourse to external verification processes that add latency and compromise interoperability. The benefits are tangible even in the early stages of this shift:

  • Increased data sharing and data quality that connects systems and brings businesses closer together

  • Greater confidence in privacy that restores consumer trust and closer b2b working

  • Richer and longer audit trails that reduce security liabilities

  • Data that needs to stay proprietary can so businesses can operate with confidence and establish trust

  • Basic facts and metadata needed for sharing data smoothly can be publicly exposed to limit data conflict and reduce the need for mediation