Spherity APIs - Overview

Customizable digital identity powered by flexible APIs

Our API-first solution can be rapidly deployed and integrated with existing infrastructures, third-party systems and AI/ML agents.

Our range of APIs support:

  • Integration of key management solutions such as Encrypted Cloud Storage, Multi-Party Computation, and Hardware Security Modules (optional)

  • Integration of a database as wallet configuration and credential store (e.g. Mongo DB)

  • Integration of DID methods for Ethereum-based ledgers (incl. ERC 1056, the so-called "Lightweight Identity" protocol).

    • Hyperledger Aries support currently under development

  • Provision of the W3C DID, including features to create, read, update, and deactivate DID documents

  • Provision of the W3C VC methods, including features to issue, prove, and verify credentials

  • Support of JSON-LD & JWT credential and token data structures

  • Support of platform-specific resolvers as well as the universal DID resolver for interoperability of DID solutions across all registered platforms and all major blockchains

  • Support of wallet-to-wallet transactions

  • Registration of delegated signing keys for IoT data attestation

To enable the integration of Wallets, DIDs, and verifiable credentials into your projects we provide the following APIs:

API name


Base Auth*

Generate tokens to enable general access for Spherity APIs

DID Auth*

Generate tokens to prove your identity for communication with Spherity APIs


Create and manage individual or enterprise accounts for managing digital identities

Identity Vaults*

Create and manage vaults—containers for multiple identity wallets

Identity Wallets*

Create and retrieve identities


  • Generate DID and configure DID document

  • Resolve DID documents

Signing Keys

  • Generate new signing key pair

  • Register new signing key in DID document

  • Retrieve public data of a signing key

Access Token*

Create and verify access token for web applications and back-end systems

Verifiable Credentials*

  • Sign claim(s) and generate Verifiable Credential(s)

  • Store provided Verifiable Credential(s)

  • Verify provided Verifiable Credential(s)

  • Retrieve stored Verifiable Credential(s)

  • Remove Verifiable Credential(s)

Verifiable Presentations

  • Sign Claim(s) and produce Verifiable Presentation(s)

  • Store provided Verifiable Presentation(s)

  • Verify provided Verifiable Presentation(s)

  • Retrieve stored Verifiable Presentation(s)

  • Remove Verifiable Presentation(s)

Roles API*

Create and manage roles for Role Based Access Management (RBAC)

Business Transactions

  • Create Business Transaction record(s), sign, and associate Verifiable Credential(s) to them

  • Update Business Transaction record(s), sign, and associate Verifiable Credential(s) with them

  • Retrieve Business Transaction record(s) and associated Verifiable Credential(s)

  • Remove stored Business Transaction records

Credential Offer & Request

  • Request a credential offer from another wallet

  • Request a credential from another wallet

  • Store a credential provided or issued by another wallet

* API described in current version of the Gitbook.